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Study In USA

Higher education in the US has caught the attention of thousands of students worldwide primarily for the unparalleled choices it offers to international students in the form of quality of diverse programmes, type of institutions, faculty, academic and social facilities.

Students can choose from a variety of academic areas, from the humanities to science, technology, engineering, and maths. U.S. institutions continue to lead in terms of the breadth of academic specializations and research opportunities they offer. At the undergraduate and post-graduate level excellent programmes are offered in both traditional and modern settings. .

Why Study in USA ?

Studying in the US is marked with a difference that underpins a rich tradition of quality higher education, excellent research facilities, and a culture that promotes intellectualism as well as academic freedom. One of the most attractive features of the U.S. higher education system is the flexibility it provides through the number and diversity of institution types it encompasses.

The US known for its most advanced educational systems in the world gives international students the best and exceptional learning experience of a life time. The distinguished degrees obtained from the US would be recognized globally for its academic excellence.

USA Education System

The American education system, unlike many other countries is highly decentralized. It is largely independent from federal government regulation.

Before commencing university or undergraduate studies, all students are expected to complete 12 formal years of primary and secondary education. Upon completing high school studies, students move on to undergraduate studies followed by graduate, post-graduate and PHD programmes.

Test Requirements

U.S. universities require an English language proficiency test before admission to ensure you can read, write, and speak fluently. Minimum English Level of IELTS: 6 .0 to 6 . 5

TOEFL: 79 to 88

GPA: 50+ Have a High School Certificate (Translated to English)

Work Rights & Stay Back

With permission of the International Student Office, international students may work on campus up to 20 hours/week their first year and can apply to work off-campus in subsequent years. Most schools in the US offer international students part-time on campus employment opportunities for up to 20 hours a week.

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