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Study In Germany

Germany has become a popular destination for foreign students looking for international education. German universities offer internationally recognized programmes at a relatively cheaper cost compared to the UK, the USA OR AUSTRALIA. Moreover, there are a significant number of available scholarships that allow foreign students to study in Germany for free of cost.

Why Study in New Zealand ?

The German economy is Europe's strongest. It is the European leader in terms of growth, employment and export. German economy is growing strongly and is forecast to grow further in the coming years. This expected growth has created a record boom in employment as well.

Travel: Travel is free to university or work, unrestricted travel by public transport day and night, also on holidays. Set in the heart of Europe, students studying in Germany can quickly get to other European cities.

Taxes: No taxes on your income

Concession: Price reduction on many payments

German Education System

Germany is known for its world class education and top ranking universities and colleges. The States own the primary responsibility for the education system. With a view to increasing the global employability of students in Germany, the education system has been reformed recently.

The higher level of education in Germany comprises of different kinds of advanced colleges or universities. They are: Colleges of Art, Music, and Film.

The Advanced Technical Colleges where scientific and social subjects are taught (with a strong emphasis on practical work and application).

Universities that offer all different kinds of subjects.

Test Requirements

The admission requirements for each university vary and are defined by universities themselves. However, the common requirements are:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) ...( All non-native English speakers are to secure an average score)
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) with an average score of 6/ 6.5
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
  • Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

Average Cost for Education

Although there is no tuition fee in German universities for under-graduates programmes, there is a charge per semester for enrolment, confirmation and administration. This is typically no more than €250 (US$ 290) per semester, but varies depending on the university. Education is generally funded by the German government.

However, students studying at Private universities are to pay as high a tuition fee as 20,000 Euros per year.

Cost of Living

The living expense for an international student: 850 Euro per month

Work Rights & Stay Back

Work Opportunity: 4 months of full-time work right in a year
Stay-back after graduation: 1.5 years
Permanent Stay: After 33 months of work. (The Immigration Laws permit the students to apply for and get a Residence Permit of 18 months to look for a job as per their qualification.)

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